InfoLogic has updated MathMagic Personal Edition (ttp://, the Mac OS X professional level editing suite for Mac OS X, to version 7.0. The upgrade adds background color support and more controls over equation shapes.

MathMagic Personal Edition was specifically developed as a standalone utility for use with any word processing, presentation, or graphic application, including iWork, AppleWorks, Microsoft Word, Keynote or PowerPoint. Equations created with Personal Edition can be used with various applications and documents by drag and drop, copy and paste, or export/import.

MathMagic reads various math expression formats, including MathML and LaTeX. Among many of MathMagic’s features are its ability to read MS Equation editor and MathType equations directly, helping switchers to reuse most, if not all, of their legacy content. On top of all the features MathMagic Personal Edition offers, InfoLogic’s MathMagic Pro Editions come with additional plug-ins for Adobe InDesign CS~CS4 or XTensions for QuarkXPress 6~8 to improve the productivity in inserting or editing equations within InDesign or QuarkXPress documents.

MathMagic Personal Edition 7.0 is available now for US$69 or $49 for the academic version. It requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.