May 26, 2005: releases 3D-Space VFS 1.2.1

3D-Space VFS combines Launcher, Dock and Finder features with elegant
3D drawers to give you easy point-and-click access to all of your
favorite files and applications, without having to dig through folders.

+ Easy visual launcher / dock.
+ Finder like features and navigation.
+ Instant access to hundreds of your favorite items in glorious,
spacious 3D drawers!
+ Fast OpenGL graphics for a fluid user experience.

3D-Space VFS lets you navigate from folder to folder, but it is
designed to help keep navigation to a minimum. Because each 3D drawer
lets you view a whole landscape’s worth of items, you’ll only need
one or a few of these large spaces to keep all of your favorite
applications, folders and documents at your fingertips. With fewer
places to manage you spend less time digging things out, and
everything becomes more accessible.

A flick of the mouse and hundreds of your favorite items appear in
front of your eyes, neatly presented and ready for you to point and
click the one you want. Enjoy the benefits of tomorrow’s 3D user
interface on your Mac today!

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More info:

———–Version changes
Version 1.2.1 brings the following changes:

+ Fixed a number of display glitches and slowdowns when running on
Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger.
+ The full set of background images is now available on Tiger.
+ Fixed malfunctioning magnification and tilt sliders.
+ Changing a 3D space to a folder or vice-versa now reloads only
the affected icons.
+ Many other fixes and improvements.

New features since version 1.1 include:

+ New pan, zoom and tilt features.
+ New adjustable, panoramic drawer and window format.
+ New icon magnification method.
+ Open any Finder folder in 3D, navigate from folder to folder.
+ Improved icon label display and animation.
+ Easy selection of even very small icons.
+ Adjustable text size, adjustable grid spacing.
+ New “Arrange by” features.
+ Added support for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger.
+ 3D drawer capacity was more than doubled.
+ Optional display of name in drawer tab.
+ Faster 3D space switches.
+ Full scroll wheel support.

For more info and to download 3D-Space VFS 1.2.1, visit
Free trial, $29 single user license.
Requires Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later.