SearchBlox Content Search Server for Mac OS X released.

Richmond, Virginia — May 26, 2005 — Searchblox Software, Inc., today
announced the release of SearchBlox Content Search Server for Mac OS X. The
SearchBlox Content Search Software delivers out-of-the-box search
functionality for corporate websites, intranets and portals. SearchBlox’s
flexibility and ease of customization enables companies to implement search
functionality that seamlessly integrates with the core website. SearchBlox
is extremely fast and highly scalable for corporate applications.

The main features of SearchBlox are:
– Fully customizable look & feel of search results using XSL stylesheets –
Indexes common document formats including PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel,
PowerPoint, HTML and RTF.
– Simple browser-based SearchBlox Admin Console for managing the software –
Built-in tools to index content on public websites, secure websites and
file systems – Supports content indexing and searching in 30 languages

The SearchBlox FREE Edition is available free of charge and can index up to
1000 documents. The SearchBlox Content Search Server is also available for
the Windows Platform and as a J2EE Component.

The software can be downloaded from

About Searchblox Software

SearchBlox Software, Inc. was founded in 2003 with the vision to create
“search middleware” – ubiquitous search tools that are part of the software
infrastructure. The aim is to provide customers with the infrastructure
required to implement search functionality quickly and efficiently. A key
part of this vision is to make these tools accessible to both technical and
non-technical users.

SearchBlox Software, Inc. is privately held and is based in Virginia, USA.
For more information, visit