MacinMind Software ( has updated its server account utility, Passenger, for Mac OS X Server to version 4. This version introduces a new interface, as well as two new features for distributing into and archiving home folders as well as improvements to the batch permissions setting tool.

Passenger is a server account creation and password generation tool that
will import tab and comma-delimited text, ASIP 6.3 and Mac OS X XML and
create account information and passwords for AppleShare IP 5-6.3, Mac OS X
Server, Macintosh Manager, Eudora Internet Mail Server, WebSTAR FTP,
WebSTAR Web, Edmark TNV accounts, Master Spell and Master Key. Passenger
also customizes and distributes Eudora Settings and creates folders and
sets privileges in batch for AppleShare IP and Mac OS X Server.

Passenger 4 requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher and is compatible with Loin. Server tools are required to import users into Mac OS X Server

Passenger 4 costs US$60 for the Standard Edition with a 150-row per import limit and $119 for the Professional Edition with no import limit. Passenger 4 is a free update for all users who purchased the software since Aug. 1, 2010. An upgrade license is available to all previously registered users for $25 for the Standard Edition and $59 for the Professional Edition.