ClueTrust has announced Cartographica 1.2 (, an update to their Geographical Information System (GIS) software for Mac OS X. The new version adds Bing services. It also builds on Cartographica’s exploratory interface and adds:

° Flexible labeling that can show multiple fields in multiple styles on one or more lines;

° Improved Illustrator export, using layers to provide all the geospatial and textual data, plus legends that can be styled for direct inclusion into documents;

° New formula fields that enable calculations using higher math as well as ready use of geoprocessing data, and can be updated in real time;

° Live Maps that incorporate access to a variety of tile-servers and WMS services to put data into context quickly;

° Increased speed and reduced memory footprint.

Cartographica provides a set of tools that enable the user to explore, analyze and present geospatial data. It supports importing from over 100 different raster and vector formats, as well as bringing in data from spreadsheets and other user data files. The app’s graphical user interface features a three-element display: the map, the layer stack, and the data viewer.

Cartographica requires Mac OS 10.6.x It costs $495; educational discounts and student pricing are available. A demo is available for download.