Kubota Image Tools (http://www.kubotaimagetools.com/store) has released its Dashboard 3 Pro software, as well as the Kubota Texture Tools and the re-released Kubota Sloppy Borders (now Dashboard 3-compatible).

Dashboard 3 Pro (US$79) is a floating palette within Photoshop that acts like a mini search engine for Photoshop actions, enabling photographers to manage and run their entire actions collection. The latest version includes the ability to keyword search for actions, update action descriptions and mark favorites for future use.

Also available immediately are the new Kubota Borders and Textures on their own Dashboard. The “Earth Textures — Smooth Organic Pak” and the “Industrial Textures — High Tech Electric Pak” provide users with a method to add textures to images. Each Pak includes 50 textures individually created in conjunction with professional photographer and philanthropist Benjamin Edwards.

In addition, the re-released Kubota Sloppy Borders provide more than 100 classic film-effect borders, which now automatically integrate with the Kubota Borders and Textures Dashboard for easy searching, previewing and applying. These borders are designed to help photographers apply the classic look of old film to their images with creative borders.

The Kubota Texture Tools Paks as well as the Kubota Sloppy Borders are available for $149 each. Customers that own the original Kubota Sloppy Borders should contact Kubota Image Tools at info@kubotaimagetools.com for information on upgrade specials.

On the Mac, Dashboard 3 Pro and the latest Textures and Borders are compatible with CS5 running in 32-bit format. An additional update, available in the coming days, will enable 64-bit use on the Mac OS.