Quark has. launched a new Flash design competition that is open to designers who are creating Flash projects, such as web sites, banner ads, and online design portfolios, with QuarkXPress 8.

The competition kicks off today and voting will begin at the HOW Conference 2010 being held in Denver June 6-9. Submissions will be accepted at http://www.ilovedesign.com from May 26 through June 30, 2010 and voting will be open Sunday, June 6-30. The designer who submits the best Flash project as determined by voters will appear in HOW Magazine’s blog, win membership to HOW’s Design Insider Program, and take home a pack of designer’s tools, including the new  Pantone Plus Series Guides, a Pantone ColorMunki and a VisTablet from VisTablet Systems.
To enter the competition, designers must submit SWF files created with QuarkXPress 8 to http://www.ilovedesign.com by 12 p.m. *Mountain Time) on June 30. For projects that are online as complete web sites and not available as separate SWF files, entrants are also permitted to upload images of their work and provide a link to the work online.

Designers don’t have to attend the HOW conference to enter the competition or to win, and can submit their Flash projects right up to June 30 deadline. However, because submissions can be rated online at any time during the competition, the longer a submission is showcased in the competition the better chance it will have of attracting the popular vote.
Voters will be encouraged to rate submissions as well as select their favorite Flash project based on creativity, composition, and level of interactivity within the design. All submissions must be technologically sound and utilize the Flash functionality of QuarkXPress 8.