Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC) has released an updated version of its Brava! Flash Viewer, which offers viewing for any format on any Flash-enabled browser. It offers a very interactive user experience without requiring any documents to be downloaded to, or installed on, the user’s machine, according to Gary Heath, president and CEO of Informative Graphics.

The Brava Flash Viewer provides interactive document viewing for the Mac and Windows operating systems and a range of web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Like Brava’s ActiveX client, the Flash Viewer supports virtually any format, including documents, images and even CAD drawings.

The Brava Flash Viewer 1.1 boasts the ability to navigate pages vertically or horizontally and offers a new reader (tied to the mouse movement), traditional scrolling, and dual-page view modes. Reviewers can also search for one or more keyword phrases, with each term hit highlighted, and jump quickly to the next occurrence. The Brava Flash Viewer also supports custom search scripts, using regular expressions (regex), to find pattern-based data like Social Security numbers, credit card numbers and email addresses. These custom scripts can even be integrated into the user interface for fast, convenient access.
The viewer also supports markups and annotations created using Brava Enterprise. Multiple markup files can be opened simultaneously, allowing users to review comments from all other reviewers. It also supports Brava’s Changemarks annotations, which let reviewers step through each comment in serial, ensuring none are missed.

A full application programming interface is available for integrating the Brava Flash viewer to any electronic content management (ECM), eDiscovery, CRM or other data management system. IGC will begin releasing updated Brava integrations with the Flash viewer option for EMC Documentum, Open Text Content Server, IBM FileNet and SharePoint 2010 later this year.
Brava Flash Viewer 1.1 comes standard with the latest release of Brava Enterprise 6.2. For more info go to .