SandForce is shipping production firmware with its SF-1000 Solid State Drive (SSD) Processor family of products ( The silicon and firmware combination has been field-tested by numerous SSD manufacturers, who are now shipping qualified SSDs.

Additionally, the company has launched the “SandForce Driven” program, to help Enterprise server and storage original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and all SSD users recognize solid state storage that incorporate the most advanced SSD Processor technology proven to deliver industry-leading reliability and performance, says Kent Smith, senior director of product marketing at SandForce.

With integrated, patent-pending DuraClass Technology, SandForce SSD Processors are the first to enable the practical use of MLC flash memory in enterprise-class storage systems, he adds. By eliminating excessive write cycles that limit SSD performance and life span, SandForce SSD Processors enable SSDs with the reliability, performance, power efficiency, and affordability for broad-based deployment in Enterprise servers, storage systems, laptops, and personal computers, Smith says.