iWeb Themes Park (http://www.iwebthemespark.com/Home.html) has introduced five new iWeb Themes: Bright Sky, Challenge, Light Ideas, Painter and Transport. The renewed and expanded collection now contains 27 iWeb themes including two free iWeb themes available for every iWeb user.

What’s more, the iWeb Themes Park web site is now available in French and German languages. Updated iWeb themes collection enables its users to offer goods and services or share spring photos and videos with many people on the web. New vivid navigation menu bars, logos and supreme quality elements are some of the features in this new iWeb Themes release.

Each iWeb Theme has eight templates: Welcome, About Me, Photos, My Albums, Movie, Blog, Podcast and Blank. They’re fully customizable and can be modified.

iWeb themes from iWeb Themes Park requires iLife ’08 (iWeb 2.0) or later.  Each template is available for US$10.99. The package of 27 themes is priced at $30.99.