Stardom ( has released SohoRaid SR2 with USB 2.0, FireWire 800, & eSATA interfaces. It’s a two-drive hardware SATA RAID array for mobile digital content with Hardware RAID 1 mirroring.

The SR2 is capable of accepting 2 X 2TB drives; if a drive fails all data can be automatically restored. It has a built-in data rebuild verification option. The front LCD control provides both the management  of your SATA Hard Drives and SATA RAID status. The Stardom SohoRaid SR2 provides feedback of fan speed, system temperature, rebuild percentage, verification status, and audio alarm settings without installing any additional software.

Because of the built in hardware RAID & no need for software, no additional system resources are used. To reduce energy consumption, the Stardom SohoRaid SR2 is designed of aluminum for heat dissipation and energy savings. A large fan provides cooling and a constant airflow. Contact Stardom for pricing options.