ProStor ( — which specializes in enterprise-class removable disk storage systems for business backup, archiving and retention management — has announced the general availability of its ProStor InfiniVault product line shipping with the newly released 1TB RDX removable disk cartridge.
The availability of the new cartridge with an uncompressed capacity of 1TB will immediately benefit InfiniVault customers in rich media applications like healthcare, video archiving and surveillance, according to the folks at ProStor. Users now have access up to 100TB of managed online capacity without having to purchase new hardware.

A ProStor InfiniVault Model 100 System can purportedly manage over two billion studies in DICOM format. A 100 slot system with 1TB RDX cartridges can store 100,000 Multi-slice CT scans or 500,000 MRIs or 2,000,000 X-Rays. Similarly, the same system can store 12,594 standard or 9,773 HDTV broadcast streams or 1,527 uncompressed one-hour standard video segments or 245 uncompressed HDTV segments. Contact ProStor for pricing options.