On one hand, Apple is being criticized for censoring apps at the Apple App Store. On the other, the socially conservative Parents Television Council (PTC) thinks many of the iPhone/iPod touch apps available — such as “My Vibe,” which converts the iPhone into a vibrator, and “Love Positions Free,” which has drawings of couples having sex — should be banned as well, notes “FOX News” (http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2010/04/27/apple-iphones-porno-apps-stimulating-opposition-parents/).

The group has publicly demanded that Apple stop providing porn to children — and clean up its act. And they want Apple to do more.

Gavin McKiernan, the PTC’s grassroots director, said Apple executives assured the group that the content on its App Store would be clean, and he hopes that any remaining pornographic applications or the many sexually-themed “wallpapers” still available are “there by mistake, possibly.”