Niemeijer Consult Proudly Announces On-Screen Keyboard Accessibility
Solutions for Mac OS X

Amsterdam – 15 March 2002 – Niemeijer Consult today announced that on March
20, KeyStrokes, its popular on-screen keyboard software for the Macintosh,
will make its public debut on Mac OS X at CSUN’s 17th Annual International
Conference “Technology and Persons with Disabilities” in Los Angeles.
KeyStrokes for Mac OS X, will be the first fully functional on-screen
keyboard to run natively on Apple’s next generation operating system and
one of the first accessibility solutions bringing the power of Mac OS X to
people with disabilities. Origin Instruments Corporation, our North
American distributor, will demonstrate the software in their booth (number
303, Marriott) during the CSUN conference.

An on-screen keyboard is typically used by a person who because of illness
or injury cannot use a standard keyboard. KeyStrokes for Mac OS X works by
drawing a keyboard image on the display and using a mouse, trackball, head
pointer or other mouse emulator to type characters into any standard
Macintosh application. For those who can position the pointer, but not
click the mouse buttons, an integrated and system-wide dwell-based utility
allows mouse button clicks to be entered by simply holding the cursor
motionless for a programmable period of time. With KeyStrokes for Mac OS X
a person who can only use a mouse or mouse emulator can have complete
access to the Macintosh, the Internet and by extension the World.

The suggested introductory retail price for KeyStrokes for Mac OS X will be
US$ 195 or Euro 220 (excl. VAT). This price includes a copy of KeyStrokes
2.2 for applications running natively on Mac OS 7.1 through 9.2. Discounts
will be available for users of KeyStrokes 2 and for volume purchases.

Today, Niemeijer Consult also announced the debut of TouchStrokes for Mac
OS X, a basic, but fully-functional, onscreen keyboard for Mac OS X
targeted at server management, touch screens, tablets, and couch surfing.
The suggested retail price for TouchStrokes for Mac OS X will be US$ 95 or
Euro 110 (excl. VAT). Discounts will be available for users of KeyStrokes 2
and for volume purchases.

The software will be available worldwide as a download and on CD from
specialized distributors and resellers starting March 29. To receive a
one-time notification of shipping with details on which distributor to
contact, please complete the form at

For a more extensive version of this press release with screen shots and
details on product features see

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David Niemeijer
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