WebSTAR users,

StarNine is happy to announce the availability of a W*API based WebObjects
Adapter. With a WebObjects Adapter, it is now possible to integrate your
Mac OS-based WebSTAR server with WebObject applications running on Solaris,
OpenStep, NextStep, Windows NT and soon Rhapsody.

WebSTAR users interested in testing the WebObjects Adapter with their
current WebObjects applications are invited to download a development
version of the Adapter at
(ftp://ftp.starnine.com/pub/betas/webobjects_adapter.sea.hqx). We also
request that you subscribe to the -Beta mailing list by sending a message
to (webobjects-beta@starnine.com) with a Subject of “subscribe”.

For testing purposes, additional evaluation copies of WebSTAR can be
downloaded at (http://www.starnine.com/evals/).

Eric Zelenka mailto:eric@starnine.com
WebSTAR Product Manager http://www.starnine.com/
StarNine Technologies, Inc. http://eric.starnine.com/