Ortery Technologies (http://www.ortery.com) has launched PhotoCapture 360M to complete their line of software-controlled turntables used to simplify and automate 360-degree product photography.

360-degree product animations have been popping up all over the web. They allow website consumers to view a product from multiple angles, with click-and-drag control, before purchasing.

PhotoCapture 360M features a motorized turntable and professional control software that when used with a compatible digital camera designed to integrate and simplify the complete process of creating product animations. The turntable and compatible digital camera are connected to a computer via USB.

The PhotoCapture 360 software provides a live camera view displayed on the monitor screen so users can conveniently view the object spinning and adjust position, zoom, lighting and crop markers before proceeding to image capture. Pressing Start synchronizes turntable movement and picture taking to automatically capture up to 200 pictures per rotation. Upon completion, users can confirm image quality and automatically re-take individual pictures in the sequence. Captured images can be edited, annotated, exported or automatically stitched in the software.

Output formats include individual JPG or RAW images and product animations in GIF or Flash. PhotoCapture 360M can spin clockwise or counterclockwise to a specified angle or rotate continuously at three speeds. Pictures can be taken in continuous, time lapse or manual modes and the system works with any lighting, background color or texture. With an SLR camera, image capture (20 pictures) takes approximately 1.5 minutes and image download is fast with generated Flash files typically less than 500Kb in size.

PhotoCapture 360M is the fourth turntable in Ortery’s PhotoCapture 360 Series. It has a 22-inch rotating platform and can hold up to 100 pounds. Available for US$3,100 retail, it supports Windows XP/Vista/7 and Macs running Boot Camp, VMWare or Parallels.