In India, Samsung, Apple and OnePlus are the most preferred smartphone brands for the next purchase, reports Counterpoint Research.

About half of India’s smartphone owners plan to purchase their next smartphone within a year, according to the research group’s annual consumer smartphone study in India. And the country’s smartphone market ASP (average selling price) is expected to rise because consumers tend to prefer a higher price band for every subsequent purchase. In terms of features, 5G capability is the third most important feature considered when planning the next purchase. The same factor is ranked tenth in terms of importance for current smartphone purchases.

Samsung users have the strongest brand loyalty in India with 51% of the users who used Samsung as their previous device also using Samsung currently, according to Counterpoint Research. Further, 43% of the current Samsung users prefer the brand for their next smartphone purchase.

Apple, despite having a smaller share in previous and current smartphone purchases, is the second most preferred brand (20%) for future purchases.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today