The San Francisco Bay Area is the biggest U.S. market for Apple products, according to the results of a survey conducted by research firm Experian Simmons.

As reported by “CNET” (, the study found that 32.3% of adult residents of the region own at least one Apple product — an iPod, iPhone, or Mac computer — compared to 21.6% in the nation as a whole, which makes Bay Area residents 49% more likely to buy Apple products.

A close second in Experian Simmons’ “Mac Metropolis” list is Boston, where 31.3% of adult residents own at least one Apple product. In third, fourth, and fifth places are San Diego, New York, and Washington D.C., respectively. Chicago, Ill. comes in sixth, and Denver, Colo. is seventh.

According to “CNET,” the biggest surprises on the list are probably the metro areas of Monterey-Salinas, and Santa Barbara-Santa Marina, Calif., which come in eighth and ninth place.