SONiVOX (, on behalf of Fable Sounds, has announced the availabliity of the latest version of the Broadway Big Band virtual Instrument for Mac and PC systems. It’s designed to let you accurately portray contemporary jazz, blues, pop, and rhythm ‘n blues woodwind, brass, and rhythm instrument’s playing techniques in a playable virtual instrument plug-in.

By integrating the Broadway Performer technology directly into the Kontakt 4 Player via Kontakt’s l scripting engine, this new version of Broadway Big Band is designed to simplify use as well as add greater control over expressiveness. For the first time Broadway Big Band users will be able to use Broadway directly in their DAW environment without having to use any virtual MIDI cabling or more elaborate midi routing.

Fable Sounds is offering a special cross-grade price for registered users who wish to cross-grade to the new Kontakt 4 Player Edition of Broadway Big Band. This upgrade is available directly through SONiVOX, as well as SONiVOX’s international distribution partners. Broadway Big Band Kontakt 4 Edition is available at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of US$2,495.