Widget Press (http://www.widgetpress.com) has introduced FormEntry Server 1.0, a new form delivery platform for working in conjunction with FormEntry for Mac and FormEntry for iPhone. Designed exclusively for Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server, it’s designed to facilitate syncing between form based applications for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices is now simple and automatic.

FormEntry for Mac was specifically developed for novices, students, and iPhone gurus alike, according to the folks at Widget Press. It offers an unified interface and purportedly makes creating form based applications as easy as pressing a button. Drag and drop controls, add custom icons, update parameters and custom edit each post setting.

FormEntry for iPhone is a free iPhone and iPod touch application from the Apple App Store. FormEntry for iPhone is the form reader software for FormEntry for Mac. The two software applications work exclusively together. When designing forms on FormEntry for Mac, form authors will need FormEntry for iPhone installed to transfer their documents.

FormEntry Server allows for pairing of FormEntry for Mac authors and FormEntry for iPhone devices. Accounts are created for authors and are assigned a group name. Based of the device’s unique identifier number, devices are then assigned to these groups. When a form documents gets published to the server, the assigned iPad, iPhone or iPod touch device will receive any new or updated forms automatically.

FormEntry Server also allows the ability for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch devices to automatically register themselves with FormEntry Server. Automatic registration allows these devices to be assigned to any group and receive the forms within that group.

FormEntry Server offers the ability for FormEntry for Mac authors to publish their form apps remotely from anywhere on the Internet. Authors can create their form apps and log in remotely to publish their forms to their assigned groups. Authors have the ability to administer their forms, such as enable or disable the status of the form from being synced to remote Wi-Fi devices.

iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices will receive all new and updated forms when they enter into the Wi-Fi hotspot. No wires are needed; simply enable “Accept Incoming” from FormEntry for iPhone under the Settings screen. Both FormEntry for iPhone and FormEntry Server have to be on the same Wi-Fi network.

FormEntry Server 1.0 can be purchased for US$79 per single server license. A full-featured, 30-day trial version can be downloaded. Special discounts will be offered to Apple employees, Apple Consultants Network members, educational customers and members of the press.