CinemaView ( has announces its new Duo dual display extender for Apple computers using the Mini DisplayPort video port. The Duo works with either two 24-inch Apple LED Cinema Displays, creating a total 3840×1200 pixel display space, or with two CinemaView 24 LCD displays, creating a total 3840×1080 pixel display space.

The CinemaView Duo has one male Mini DisplayPort plug that connects to a Mac, and provides two female Mini DisplayPort ports into which two identical Mini DisplayPort equipped monitors can be connected. The Duo analyzes the individual screen resolution of each connected display, adds the two together, and sends a composite “extended” resolution signal to the Mac — up to 3840×1200 pixels.

The CinemaView Duo is available for prepaid pre-order for US$149, including ground shipping to USA and Canada destinations. These pre-orders will ship to customers on or before April 28.