Kyte ( — an online, mobile and social video platform for live and on-demand content — has announced an SDK (software development kit) for developing Kyte-powered iPad apps for distribution through the AppleApp Store, as well as web-based support for the iPad through a new, universal embed code that outputs HTML5 video.

The new SDK and HTML5 support provides media companies and marketers with the flexibility and choice to build native iPad applications, or extend compatibility of their new or existing Kyte-powered websites to the iPad, says Gannon Hall, chief operating officer, Kyte. In addition to its robust online video platform, Kyte gives organizations the ability to add social and interactive capabilities to video content and to natively distribute that content across the iPad, iPhone/iPod touch, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia platforms, he adds.

Hall says that aAdditional key features of the Kyte SDK for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch include:

° A binary API (application programming interface) that delivers video, pictures, and audio optimized for the user’s connectivity;

° A single media API for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch;

° Simple methods to integrate multimedia chat, comment threads, and ratings for all media;

° Additional APIs to build modules such as an RSS reader, Twitter reader, downloads and location-aware events;

° Real-time notifications update the application when new content is available.