MacTech Magazine ( has released video of graphics running on commercial virtualization solutions running on Intel-based Macs. MacTech‘s goal was to answer the often asked questions about how graphics perform under virtualization.

The video ( is online now and was inspired by the very large suite of over 3,500 tests that was performed comparing the MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Pro that MacTech released in February.

The purpose of that testing and the article released are to answer the questions about performance for the different virtualization solutions available, as well as the differences between Windows XP and Windows 7 in virtual machines, as well as multiple processors and 64-bit vs. 32-bit.

Go here ( for the full article. This is the third year that MacTech has done extensive benchmarks on virtualization products. The resulting 10-minute video, combined with the the 7500 word article, with 23 figures, is the most comprehensive look at virtualization on the Mac with today’s commercial Mac products, says Neil Ticktin, publisher/editor-in-chief, MacTech Magazine.

“Which virtualization solution to use is a complex decision including the decision of XP vs Windows 7, 64-bit, gaming, 3D graphics, and multiple processors,” he says. “It’s clear that virtualization products have come a very long way. That said, we were surprised at the results.”

Discussions on the results are taking place in the MacTech Forums (