Onflow Corporation Announces 2 Million Active Players Installed

Rich Media company achieves over 500,000 downloads per week

March 15, 2001- San Francisco, CA: Onflow Corporation, a rich media
technology company specializing in broadcast-quality graphic animations in
tiny files sizes, announced that over two million Onflow Players have now
been installed on consumer PCs and Macs. The Player is a micro plug-in that
quickly installs and allows viewers to observe Onflows rich, interactive
graphical content and games on their computers at any connection speed.

“We are very proud to bring a whole new level of interactive experience to
Internet users. Better yet, we do it without huge files that clog servers
and download so slowly, they ruin the experience,” says Doug Tuttle,
co-Founder and VP of Engineering at Onflow. “Using Onflow, web sites can
now embrace interactive rich media and be confident that even their
modem-based users will enjoy the experience.”

About Onflow:

Onflow Corporation is a San Francisco-based rich media company that offers
a complete online advertising system using the Internets most powerful
rich media creation and ad serving technology. Onflow technology creates
and displays fast, fluid, non-streaming, broadcast-quality animations.
Onflow users are not limited by connection speed, and even the slowest
connected end-user can experience the amazing look and feel of Onflow rich
media. Onflow provides its user-friendly online authoring system free of
charge to advertising agencies, publishers and consumers. Onflow supports
both Microsoft Windows (MSFT) and Apple (AAPL) Macintosh, using IE and

For more information on Onflow Corporation products and services, call
415-477-9300 or visit the Onflow Corporation web site at www.onflow.com.