Recently I pondered ( whether closer integration between Mac OS X proper and the iPhone OS was coming. Regarding that convergence, I would like to see Apple either license or get into the business of helping a lot of different companies upgrade their interfaces.

Like what? Home phones, office phone systems, auto information displays and controls, ATM machines, home information and security systems, etc. I could go on, but you get the idea.

Now I don’t think Apple will license the Mac or iPhone OS. However, there many areas where Apple isn’t likely to get directly involved or where the company has little or no interest in making hardware/software. Instead of licensing one of their operating systems, perhaps Apple could create a division that specifically helps companies to integrate iPhone/iPod touch/iPad hardware into their systems. For example, I could easily see an iPod touch integrated as a controller for a home security system.

(Thanks to Contributing Editor J. Scott Anderson for his help with today’s column.)