SRS Labs today announced the SRS iWOW plug-in designed specifically for the iTunes. The company says the iWOW software brings Mac users a “richer, more powerful and brilliant audio experience when they listen to music, movies, videos and podcasts on iTunes.” It provides immersive, three-dimensional audio playing over headphones, desktop, laptop or monitor speakers. Additional features of the SRS iWOW include “restoration and clarity of the vocals and high-frequency instruments that otherwise sound ‘muffled’ because of data loss caused by compression in audio formats,” notes the company. “The iWOW also widens the optimal listening area by expanding the audio field in both the horizontal and vertical planes and uses a psychoacoustic technology to make the ear perceive maximum bass without distorting or overdriving computer speakers and headphones.” The SRS iWOW plug-in priced at US$19.99, and a free demo is available.