About Objects (http://www.aboutobjects.com) will be offering a
revamped version of its most popular iPhone development training
course that will include coverage of Apple’s new iPad.

While the version of the iPhone SDK required for iPad development
(3.2 beta) is currently under a non-disclosure agreement, Apple has
indicated that the agreement will no longer be in force when the iPad
ships, which, according to Apple, will be in late March. About
Objects’s five-day, hands-on course, entitled “Introduction to iPhone
and iPad Development,” will be offered initially at the Hilton Garden
Inn in Cupertino, California, April 26-30, and then in Reston,
Virginia in late May.

The new course will take the place of the current “iPhone Programming
Workshop” in the About Objects curriculum. About Objects will also
offer a new bundled course pairing “Introduction to iPhone and iPad
Development” with the existing, two-day “Objective-C for Beginners”
course. The bundle, entitled “iPhone and iPad Development Bundle,”
will be offered as a sevn-day class at the Hilton Garden Inn in
Cupertino that starts on April 24.

Tuition for the “Inroduction to iPhone and iPad Development” class is
US$2,495 with discounts available for early registration and for
groups of three or more students. Tuition for the “iPhone and iPad
Development Bundle” is $2,995, with discounts similarly available.
Both courses are also available for onsite delivery at the customer’s
facility, as well as for private classes at an About Objects facility.