WoodWing (http://www.woodwing.com) has announced the development of
tools that allow publishers to take full advantage of Apple’s new

“Apple’s iPad is most certainly going to boost the success of media
consumption through handheld devices,” says Hans Janssen, CEO of
WoodWing Software. “This offers a host of possibilities for
publishers to create new sources of income. It’s our task as a
software supplier to provide them with the right tools for that job.”

WoodWing developments have been taking place in two main areas.
First, to facilitate the workflow to create interactive digital
publications using the Enterprise publishing system; second, a native
iPad App to enable the consumer to enjoy the interactive content.

“WoodWing’s Content Station — which already allows content creators
to plan, create, and publish any type of content — has been extended
to accommodate the extra functionality required to plan and produce
this new kind of digital publications,” says Erik Schut, president of
WoodWing Software. “Together with our experience gained during the
creation of the iPhone newsreader App, we created an iPad Reader App
capable of displaying attractive-looking content containing a mixture
of text, audio and video, along with an intuitive and easy
navigation.” WoodWing has been working closely together with key
customers on these developments.”

The iPad tools will be unveiled on March 3 during the first stop of
WoodWing’s World Tour at the Time-Life Building in New York City.