MacDaddy’s Install Disk Creator 1.0, a installer disk utility for Mac OS X, simplifies the process of creating a bootable OS X installer from Mac App Store installation files, which can then be used to install El Capitan on any compatible Mac computer.

The application makes creating an OS X install disk a simple process for OS X users of any experience level. Before you had to deal with the Terminal app to do this. Install Disk Creator simplifies the process, reducing the process to simply downloading the OS X installer from the Mac App Store, running the Install Disk Creator app, and selecting the drive to create the installation disk on.

Install Disk Creator presents a clean, simple interface that guides users through the process of creating a Mac OS X installation disk. Novice users will appreciate the application’s ease of use, while power users will appreciate the ability to create installation disks without the need to remember the entire series of commands that were once required to create an installation disk. All users will appreciate the convenience of having created a USB installation disk that they can use any time to install OS X on any compatible Mac.

Using Install Disk Creator to create an OS X installation disk offers a way to do a truly clean installation of OS X. While users can boot from the recovery partition to erase the main partition, it isn’t a truly clean erase and install. And, in some cases the recovery partition may be damaged or missing. Install Disk Creator helps users avoid those issues.

Install Disk Creator requires Mac OS X 10.7 or higher. It’s free; more info can be found here (