BOH ( has released a self-titled game
that’s Mac OS X compatible. It’s available on a CD-ROM in a DVD box
along with a 24-page, full-color, English manual for approximately
US$18. A downloadable version is available for approximately $15.

Here’s how the game is describe: “BOH is an original, retro-flavoured
game of exploration and action. You move in claustrophobic,
traps-packed, mind-boggling battlefields searching for the Evil
Masters, who throw countless enemies at you until you discover and
face them in the final battle. Although your quests are made slightly
less hard by the bonuses and power-ups scattered all around, carrying
out the missions demands lots of concentration and quick reflexes.”

New missions can be added any time, and you can even create your own.
BOH has several customizable aspects to it.