Enhance Technology (http://www.enhance-tech.com), a data storage
designer and manufacturer, has introduced the UltraShare NAS8000 P4,
a new generation Linux-based and Intel Nehalem-powered all-in-one NAS
plus iSCSI in a 2U storage server.

It’s available with either Single 10GbE or Quad GbE data portals that
can be combined to provide load balancing, fault tolerance, and
advanced security. The Linux based UltraShare NAS8000 P4 is designed
for high-demand and high availability data intensive applications
such as ISP to provide fast FTP access to web site contents or file
sharing. It’s also designed to be used for video archive and
retrieval for IP surveillance cameras.

The UltraShare NAS features the multiple connectivity capable of
integrating into virtually any kind of networking environment from
local workgroups, SMB networks to large corporate IT infrastructure
which helps to lower the maintenance costs resulting in reduction on
total cost of ownership. It supports file sharing across Mac, Linux,
UNIX and Windows clients and allows remote access via FTP with
encryption. It also synchronizes to work with any type of network
directory services including ADS/PDC, NIS and LDAP.

The UltraShare NAS8000 P4 incorporates an internal 8-drive RAID array
for up to 16TB of data storage using the latest 2TB SATA hard drives.
Each system can also be expanded with additional RAID protected data
storage of up to 176TB. The gateway allows for connecting up to 5x 3U
16-bay rackmount storage devices as one single system.