RadTech (http://www.radtech.com) has released ScreenSavrz display
protection products for the 21.5 and 27-inch iMacs. They’re priced at
US$39.95 for the former and $54.95 for the latter.

ScreenSavrz for iMac protect your display and case from dust,
soiling, fingerprints, etc., when not in use. They also clean and
polish your screen or case anytime without sprays or wet wipes. If
your display has already taken a hit, you can dampen ScreenSavrz with
water and polish away any existing scuffing you might have, according
to the folks at RadTech.

They’re constructed from Optex fabric — a non-woven, ultra-thin
(0.6mm thick) advanced polishing fabric. This lightweight and
breathable Optex display protector is convenient, practical and
extremely effective. Does not obstruct iMac’s ventilation ports,
according to RadTech.