Noteflight ( has
announced the launch of Noteflight Crescendo, an
online music notation service.

It’s the next generation of their Noteflight
platform that enables individuals to write music
online. Following the successful grassroots
launch of their online music composition and
score-writing platform in 2008, which resulted in
tens of thousands of users in 130 different
countries, Noteflight Crescendo delivers users a
richer sonic experience and more advanced
capabilities, according to Joe Berkovitz,
president and founder of Noteflight.

Built on the same interface, Noteflight Crescendo
users gain access to a set of features including
collaboration and a higher quality orchestral
sound library provided by virtual instrument
manufacturer, SONiVOX. Where the free version of
Noteflight includes a basic set of instrument
samples drawn from the public domain, the
Crescendo instrumental palette offers over 40
professionally recorded wavetable instruments
from SONiVOX. These instruments provide an
immersive new dimension to the Noteflight musical

In addition to improved sound and more instrument
choices, Noteflight Crescendo features include:

° Sharing permissions, including the ability to
share a score only with designated members of the
Noteflight community;

° The ability to create templates for musical
activities by themselves or for other;

° A selection of stock templates, such as piano
score, string quartet and other ensembles.;

° Access to increased storage capacity on
Noteflight’s servers for storing more scores and

A subscription to Noteflight Crescendo can be
purchased for under US$5 per month; the company
plans to launch the service later in the first
quarter of 2010.