Good Technology — a provider of secure and managed enterprise mobility for iPhone, iPad, Android and other leading smartphone platforms — has released its quarterly data report detailing the changing landscape of IT and mobile enterprise technology.

The trend of personal smartphones infiltrating the workplace is being led by both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android smartphone platforms. In quarter one of 2011, both platforms were widely deployed by Good’s enterprise customers, but with the launch of the Verizon iPhone 4 and the iPad 2, Apple’s iOS devices had an especially strong quarter, according to Good Technology.

“The one-two punch of Verizon’s long-awaited iPhone 4 launch and Apple’s iPad 2 release made it an especially strong quarter for Apple,” says John Herrema, senior vice president of corporate strategy at Good Technology. “AT&T’s price drop on the iPhone 3GS to $49 also had a strong impact on overall iPhone activations. We still predict that Android activations will overtake iOS in the long run, but in the first quarter of 2011, Apple’s iOS devices were the clear winner among Good’s enterprise customers and their end users.”

Key points of Good Technology’s data report:

° iOS devices represented just under 70% of net new activations from Jan. 1 through March 31.

° iOS tablet (iPad + iPad2) share of overall net activations slipped slightly from 22% to 20.4% over the quarter.

° Among the top 10 industry verticals, financial services saw the highest level of iPad activation with 43%, more than doubling the amount of activation in any other industry.

° Android devices declined just over 30% of all net new activations over the quarter, but represented over 40% f all smartphone (non tablet) activations.

To download the full report, which includes the methodology for the findings, go to .