Gurgaon, a provider of advanced data recovery and data protection
solutions, has announced the release of a new software, Stellar
Phoenix Oracle Recovery 1.0, that repairs and restores corrupted
databases created using Oracle 9i.

It repairs a damaged Oracle DBF file without any changes to its
original content and view. The software uses database-aware
algorithms to restore the repaired database in a new pre-created
database. The free demo version of Stellar Phoenix Oracle Recovery is
available for download from the company’s web site.

According to Sunil Chandna, Stellar Information Systems CEO, Stellar
Phoenix Oracle Recovery 1.0: repairs Oracle 9i databases; recovers
tables, table space, views, clusters and cluster tables; restores
original database formatting; recovers triggers, schemas,
user-defined data functions, stored procedures, synonyms, roles,
indexes, sequences; recovers primary and foreign keys of tables;
recovers packages, packages body; previews database content; and
supports selective recovery.

Stellar Phoenix Oracle Recovery 1.0 is available in different license
options (Administrator License, Technician License and Academic
License) with the starting price of $499 for Academic License. For
more Information go to