For the first time, Mac users can now host the market-leading remote
access service on either a Mac or a PC, with Citrix Online’s newest
version of GoToMyPC. The company, a division of Citrix Systems, has
responded with version 7.0 to better accommodate Mac users seeking a
reliable, easy to use remote-access product that’s purpose-built for
the Mac.

Mac and PC users alike can at last work remotely with confidence from
any computer with Internet access and easily access their Mac or PC
files, computer programs, email and company network.

“With this new release, we’re giving Mac users what they’ve been
asking for – a reliable remote access service built specifically for
the Mac,” said Brett Caine, general manager of Citrix Online. “For
the large and growing Mac community, they can rest assured of finally
having a remote access service that works as advertised from the most
trusted name in the category.”

According to IDC, which cited Citrix Online as the revenue leader for
worldwide remote access services software, with over 70% share of
market[1], the Mac offering is a significant move:

“Customers value Citrix’s remote access services software GoToMyPC
for its capabilities, reliability and ease of use,” says Sean Ryan,
senior analyst, mobile enterprise software at IDC. “With market
projections for the Mac and remote access services to grow, GoToMyPC
is well positioned in the market.”

For Citrix Online customers, the extension of GoToMyPC to the Mac
means universal access to remote machines, whether running Windows or
Mac OS. And Mac support puts complete remote access services in the
hands of customers from a greater variety of businesses-opening the
door to creative new ways to use remote access.

“I’ve been a satisfied GoToMyPC user for several years,” said
Benjamin Mahler, a practicing attorney. “The service gives me the
flexibility to work from either of my two offices by remotely
accessing resources on the other computer. When I was considering
purchasing a new Mac, it hadn’t occurred to me that I might have to
give up GoToMyPC and, if it had, I would have had to make a very
tough decision. But fortunately, Citrix Online came out with the Mac
version. I love my Mac and I love the new GoToMyPC for Mac.”

GoToMyPC is the fast, reliable, easy and secure way to access a Mac
or PC from any Web browser in real time. It created the category for
web-based remote access when it was first introduced in 2001, and it
continues to be the undisputed market leader. With GoToMyPC,
individual professionals and businesses of all sizes can increase
their flexibility and productivity by accessing files, programs,
email, and their computer networks from any location. The solution
is available as a free 30-day trial by visiting .