PocketMac, the originators of several groundbreaking smartphone
software tools, announces a new service that helps smartphone users
save their digital life. Until now, when a smartphone was dropped in
the toilet or was otherwise damaged, users’ data was presumed to be
lost forever.

However, PocketMac’s new service, RecoverMySmartphone.com, recovers
that data from damaged smartphones and clones it to new ones. This
saves countless hours reconstructing this information. Specifically,
the service will rescue the following types of data from smartphones:
contacts, photos, calendars, text messages, email messages, music,
software, notes and more.

Damaged smartphones are a much larger problem that is generally
assumed. According to Gizmodo, 855,000 mobile phones are dropped in
the toilet every year in the UK alone. That’s one and a half percent
of their population that either accidentally flushes or otherwise
damages their phone. Additionally, Gizmodo says, 58,500 UK phones are
damaged by dogs every year. And that’s not to mention the 116,000
phones damaged in the laundry.

The numbers grow even bigger when you consider that the United States
has a population 5 times greater than the UK. This translates to over
4,275,000 US phones damaged in the toilet, 292,500 US phones damaged
by dogs and 580,000 phones damaged in the laundry. This is what
prompted PocketMac to create this new service.

“We’ve spent over 8 years and 32,000 man-hours dissecting smartphones
to see how they work,” said Tim Goggin, VP Of Sales & Marketing.
“We’re now applying that wealth of knowledge to salvage the data from
users’ smartphones. Before RecoverMySmartphone.com, every time a
phone was dropped into water or smashed in some accident, the data
was likely lost forever.”

This service works very simply. Users with broken or malfunctioning
phones ship their devices to RecoverMySmartphone’s lab. As long as
the device powers up, within 5-7 business days, the user’s phone and
recovered data will be shipped back to them. Optionally,
RecoverMySmartphone’s lab can clone the data to a new phone. Over 500
makes and models of phone are supported.

Goggin continued, “Most of us don’t have even one phone number
memorized anymore. RecoverMySmartphone.com rescues your life from
your damaged phone.”