Napatech ( has introduced full IPv6 support
in all Napatech PCI-Express network adapters.

IPv6 usage is expected to grow with IPv4 addresses running out and
the number of Internet users set to increase by 45% over the next
five years. Napatech has therefore ensured that the advanced packet
capture, analysis and transmission capabilities offered for IPv4
today are also supported for IPv6, says Erik Norup, President,
Napatech, Inc.

Current projections indicate that the IANA’s pool of unallocated IPv4
addresses will be exhausted by late 2011. At the same time, Forrester
Research predicted in July 2009 that the number of people online will
grow 45% to 2.2 billion users by 2013. IPv6 is enabled by default in
the latest versions of Windows, Linux, Apple and Solaris and is a
requirement in 4G mobile network standards, such as Long Term
Evolution (LTE).

Napatech’s network adapters provide full line-rate packet capture,
analysis and transmission of IPv4 and IPv6 packets. Full IPv6 header
decoding is provided including header extensions. Napatech network
adapters also recognize tunneling protocols such as SCTP, GTP and GRE
, as well as a number of encapsulation methods, such as VLANs,
multiple MPLS labels and Cisco ISL. This allows advanced filtering,
flow identification and flow distribution to up to 32 CPU cores where
hash keys based on IPv6 can now be used to identify flows, says Norup.