Yellow Lemon Software has updated FolderGlance
(, a utility for browsing
files and folders directly from the Finder’s contextual menus, to
version 2.6. The new version adds two major new features: Hover
Previews and full Finder context menu integration.

Hover Previews enable users to automatically preview files while
browsing the context menu created by FolderGlance, without using the
keyboard. By allowing the mouse cursor to linger over a file shown in
one of FolderGlance’s context menus for a brief amount of time, a
preview automatically appears on-screen. This new preview-mode is
designed for quickly browsing a collection of pictures, documents or
other files, without resorting to using the keyboard.

Previous versions of FolderGlance have resorted to placing the
Finder’s context menu items in its own submenu. As of version 2.6,
FolderGlance and the Finder’s own items can coexist in the same menu,
easing the use of the Finder’s own items and integrating the two
systems more tightly. FolderGlance is Universal Binary so runs
natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs. The app lets users preview
files directly from the contextual menus, as well as move, copy and
make aliases of selected files at locations they browse to.

FolderGlance 2.6 requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later. It costs US$20,
though version 2.6 is a free update for users upgrading from version
2.5 or later.