TRENDnet (, a wired and wireless networking
hardware brand, has launched the 150Mbps Mobile Wireless N Router,
model TEW-655BR3G. It connects to the Internet either using a
traditional hard wired connection, or by cutting the cables and
connecting with a compatible USB modem from a 3G/4G Internet service
provider such as SprintTM, AT&TTM, or Verizon.

Designed for people on the go, this compact router connects to the
Internet from any 3G/4G cellular phone signal. No installation is
required, you simply plug the 3G/4G USB modem into the router to
share an Internet connection with up six times the speed and three
times the coverage of a wireless g solution, according to Sonny Su,
technology director at TRENDnet.

Now you can share the Internet at a job site, while carpooling to
work, in between flights at the airport, and even while on vacation
with the family. Consumers only need to have an active Internet plan
with their respective third party 3G/4G Internet service provider.
The latest wireless encryption protects your data. Wi-Fi Protected
Setup (WPS) integrates other WPS supported clients at the touch of a
button, says Su.

“Designed for real-life portability, TEW-655BR3G has a rechargeable
and replaceable 1.5 hour lithium ion battery,” he adds. “The
connection speed users receive from their 3G Internet provider
currently tops out around 3Mbps. The router’s 150Mbps wireless n
technology provides ample bandwidth for all connected users.”

The 150Mbps Mobile Wireless N Router, model TEW-655BR3G, will be
available from online and retail partners in early April. It will
have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of US$99.99.