Macally ( has announced new accessories for
the Mac, iPhone and iPod. Pricing hasn’t been announced on most of
the products, which are coming soon.

The TunePalPro is a set of stereo earbuds with a remote control on
the cord. The Macally Minibud is a min-earbud with retractable cord.
The 1-port Micro CLA is a cigarette lighter charger for the iPhone
and iPod. The 2-port USB Travel Charger will let you charge your
iPhone or iPod anywhere there’s an available USB port.

The ReSyncCable lets you sync and charge your Apple device. The
AmpTune is a stereo speaker system for iPods and iPhones that offers
vertical or horizontal docking. The FMport is a full channel FM
transmitter for the iPhone and iPod. The PowerGo is a three-in-one
battery charger-USB, AC and car charger kit for the Apple devices.

The Antibacterial iPhone Overlay Film offers a protective, clear
screen plastic overlay with antibacterial properties. The TuneFan is
a 2.1 stereo speaker system (US$99.99) with a subwoofer and cooling
fans. The iShockX is a dual shock feedback gamepad for the Mac.

The Transcable is a $29.99 USB file transfer cable for the Mac. The
MegaCam is a two-megapixel USB 2.0 video webcam with microphone. the
mMouse is a height adjustable, pop-up mouse with a retractable USB
cable. The mMouseBT is also height adjustable, but it’s wireless.

Coming soon is Macally’s QuikSwipe Credit Card Terminal, made
with Magnesafe and Swipe It software for the iPhone and iPod
touch. It’s integrated with Magtek’s Secure Card Reader and ensures
that all swiped credit card transactions are encrypted before they’re
passed from the card reader to the Apple device.