Aquafadas ( has updated iDive, its digital
video catalog for Mac OS X, to version 2.0. The upgrade lets you
export directly from iDive and offers integration with Avid and Final
Cut formats.

It also adds DV capture and recapture features. You can now download
only the video footage required in an instant, says Claudio Zimmer,
Aquafadas chairman. The new DV Recapture function allows for faster
and easier footage selection and requires less storage space and
processing power from your Mac, he adds.

In iDive 2, the latest video file formats are now fully supported
such as MPEG2 and AVCHD. There are also interface and navigation
improvements, allowing users to search and index footage faster and

iDive is a central hub for your movies and clips. iDive is the ideal
cataloguing solution for all your video files. The program will
subsequently catalogue any file QuickTime can open. iDive allows you
to keep track of your videos on CDs or DVDs. For the first time also,
iMovie users will find a tool that lets them browse through their
projects and catalog all those clips captured in iMovie.

A single user license for iDive is US$79. It requires Mac OS X 10.5
or later and QuickTime 7.5.5 or higher.