MacVector ( has released MacVector 11. This
release contains a new auto annotation function that will scan a
folder full of existing annotated sequences and automatically add
matching features to your bare sequence.

Click Cloning has also become both easier to use and more powerful
with the ability to manipulate overhanging ends and a new
digest/ligate dialog, according to MacVector President Kevin Kendall.
In addition, you can now display three or six frame translations
directly below the sequence in the editor.

The optional add-on Assembler module has also been enhanced to
provide support for next generation sequencing machines. Short read
data may be imported in Fastq format and, as long as you have a
powerful enough Mac, de novo assemblies can be created.

To bring all these new functions into easier reach, MacVector 11
introduces a new floating toolbar window containing buttons for all
common MacVector analysis functions. You can customize the toolbar to
show just the functions you use most often or show them all for rapid
access to every available algorithm. You can even add any of the
buttons to sequence window toolbars for quick access to your favorite
analysis algorithms.