One of the strong features of Intel Macs is the ability to run Windows, for those who have good reason to do so. While common PCs can’t run the Mac OS, Macs can and do run Windows. At one time, when the PC world was reeling over the “Vista Capable PC hardware standard” or not, incredibly, the fastest hardware that would run Vista at that time was a Mac! Apple builds solid hardware!

Apple even launched “BootCamp” which creates a situation where you can choose the partitioned operating system at startup. That can be awkward as content on one platform under BootCamp isn’t available to you when using the other platform. Rather than choosing one platform or the other, why not run them both at the same time?

One of the best solutions to running Windows on a Mac is the Parallels Desktop program which does the cool thing of allowing the two platforms to co-exist. That way a user can go back and forth between the platforms seamlessly. Businesses particularly, will find this solution appealing.

IT departments will like the built in controls over updates which must be allowed by that department. Management of the computers in house is critical and networking all the computers of both platforms is supported by Parallels Desktop 6. For companies that are adding Macs to the mix of PCs already in house, Parallels 6 can reduce IT costs by up to 33% according to at least one business user.

Parallels Desktop for Mac Enterprise Edition is available as an annual subscription service that simplifies licensing compliance and auditing across an organization through a unified Parallels volume license key. The volume license key includes access for the IT department to priority business class support as well as access to the latest software updates, beta programs and major versions eliminating the burden of managing individual endpoint licenses.

Go to the web site for Parallels at The new edition of Parallels is $79.99 for one user.