Mac-X- Software announce REALmaker 1.0 fc1

REALmaker is the workgroup information management tool, which allows you to
quickly create solutions adapted to your business needs. With an easy to use
interface, REALmaker 1.0 is a must have application for anyone who needs to
track and manage people, projects, and information.

REALmaker is 100% compatible with REAL Database, which allows you to
quickly create database to use in your REALbasic project. REALmaker give you
mores tools to simplify your works.

– Form Builder allows you to add form in your database.
– Query Constructor allows you to create and run query.
– Encrypt engine to keep your data in secure.
– Export tables and fields to insert in other database.
– Open multiple databases.
– Copy and paste tables or fields in others database.

Francis Lessard
Mac-X- SoftWare