Purity Software Press Release — Thursday, March 22, 2001

Maintenance release fixes issues and provides enhanced features.

Austin, TX — Purity Software Inc, releases WebSiphon 2.0.2, a free maintenance release of their high-performance multi-threaded Web application server product.

What’s New in v2.0.2?
WebSiphon 2.0.2 addresses a few minor issues for increased stability. An issue with file date functions returning improper date strings was fixed as well.

A new feature in WebSiphon 2.0.2 is an alternate escape notation for inserting variables into HTML portions of SiphonScript templates. This feature lets WebSiphon users fully integrate client-side JavaScript into their SiphonScript templates without modification.

WebSiphon 2.0.2 is now available for download from the Purity downloads page (http://downloads.purity.com/index.html?product_id=WS202). All WebSiphon 2.0 users should upgrade to this version.

WebSiphon Facts:
– WebSiphon 2.0 is now a W*API plug-in.
– WebSiphon allows you to access more databases than any other web middleware product on MacOS (including native MySQL support!).
– WebSiphon 2.0 gives you a completely configurable File Upload solution.
– WebSiphon is fully carbonized and running under MacOS X. (more OS X news to come)

About WebSiphon and SiphonScript
WebSiphon is a high-performance multi-threaded Web application server with the power to handle all of your dynamic Web publishing and CGI development needs. WebSiphon gives developers access to more databases than any other middleware on MacOS — including its integrated flat file database Verona, as well as FileMaker Pro, Valentina, MySQL, GDBM and any ODBC compliant data source.

SiphonScript is a byte-level compiled server-side scripting language with over 225 different functions for database support, string and list manipulation, working with dates and times, text file support, web-specific support like cookies, HTTP file upload, HTTP, FTP, and POP3 functions, an image support library and more.

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