MacSpeech is teaming up with The Emergent Institute (TEI) to provide
One-on-One training for the MacSpeech Dictate family of products.

TEI employs persons with disabilities who are experts in
accessibility technology, including those training people to use
MacSpeech Dictate. One-on-one training provides personal training on
practically any aspect or feature of MacSpeech Dictate, such as
creating a profile or using advanced command and control features.

“MacSpeech customers have expressed a desire for additional training
beyond the technical support available with their purchase,” says
Andrew Taylor, founder and CEO of MacSpeech. “The Emergent Institute
is unique in its hiring practices and provides amazing talent that
can show others how to get the most out of MacSpeech Dictate. We are
thrilled to partner with TEI to provide One-on-one training for
MacSpeech Dictate customers.”

One-on-One training is available immediately for the entire MacSpeech
Dictate family of products, including MacSpeech Dictate, MacSpeech
Dictate Medical, MacSpeech Dictate Legal and MacSpeech Dictate
International. One-on-One training is introductory priced for the
first session at US$49.95 (normally it’s $69.95) per 50-minute
session through the end of the year, available on the MacSpeech web
site by using the coupon code “TRAINING” upon check-out.

One-on-One training is only available to registered MacSpeech Dictate
customers in the U.S. and Canada. Training sessions can be scheduled
by calling (888) 712-7074. Additional information on One-on-One
Training for MacSpeech Dictate is available at .