babyTEL (, which
specializes in social VoIP, has released the next
generation of its �Telephone� which gives
Facebook’s 300 million users the ability to speak
live with or send voice messages to friends
directly from their Facebook page.

The soul of the application is the �eggphone, a
web-based Java softphone that can be called up
from cyber-space to any Mac, Windows, or Linux
computer. All friends are automatically loaded in
the directory and placed in groups that the user
sets up, ready to be called, voice messaged or
IM’d, without ever leaving the Facebook

For ‘”all-in-one” communication freaks, aside
from calling and voice messaging, �Telephone�
provides IM that also connects the user to Yahoo,
MSN, AIM and Google Talk, according to babyTEL
CEO Stephen Dorsey. Users who wish to extend the
functionality of the eggphone, allowing them to
make and receive calls to or from the public
network or to forward their calls to their cell
phone, can choose to subscribe to �Telephoneplus
for US$4.95 per month.

Finally, babyTEL�s Voice API Platform, which is
currently available in private beta, will allow
developers of Web-based applications to voice
enable their application with �Telephone.