Stardom ( has announced the Safe Capsule, a
two drive, RAID 1, protected storage solution for use with Apple’s
Time Capsule. It’s a hard drive product that allows you the ability
to add more network storage (up to 2TB), for safely storing your
photo, music or data files with Stardom’s RAID 1 protected mirroring

You can remove, replace or upgrade drives thanks to the Safe
Capsule’s modular design. The Safe Capsule features an auto-rebuild
feature, with a LED rebuild status display. In the event that a hard
drive fails, data can easily be rebuilt. The Safe Capsule can also be
configured for two drives running independently with storage of up to

The Safe Capsule conforms in size to the Time Capsule unit. You can
stack the Time Capsule onto the Safe Capsule and connect via the USB
port and your safe network storage is ready to go. The Safe Capsule
is also sharable by multiple users thanks to Time Capsule’s
networking capability. The Safe Capsule is sharable through Ethernet
and your wireless networks acting as a centralized storage station.

The Safe Capsule features a three port USB 2.0 hub, for various
shared devices such as printers, flash drives and other USB
peripherals. It can purportedly reach speeds of 480Mbps when directly
attached to the computer system. The Safe Capsule keeps the two
drives inside running cool with an integrated 6cm ball-bearing fan.
An internal power supply keeps your workspace clutter-free without
the need for an external power brick or AC adapter.

Pre-orders are now being accepted; The Safe Capsule is scheduled to
start shipping during the winter of 2009 and will be available
through a network of resellers around the world.