FEELORIUM has released Full Screen Player 1.1 today.

Full Screen Player is a full screen QuickTime movie player.

Full Screen Player is very easy to use. You can use Finder to organize your
movie files, for example, make aliases of movies into a folder as a
play-list. Then drag and drop movie files or folders onto the movie window
of Full Screen Player.

You can change various options when watching movies:
– Movie size: Normal Size, Double Size or Fill Screen
– Presentation mode: Window or Full Screen
– Sound: Balance, Bass and Treble
– Speed: Fast Forward/Rewind or Slow Motion
– Playing mode: Shuffle, Repeat Off, Repeat All or Repeat One

What’s New

– Different playing modes are available for you to choose: Shuffle,
Repeat Off, Repeat All, or Repeat One.
– This version adds a new Controls menu. It lets you change movie size
and playing mode.
– It’s easier to switch to other applications when in Full Screen
presentation mode. The menu bar and the dock will appear when you move
the mouse.

More info: http://www.feelorium.com/FullScreenPlayer
Download: http://www.feelorium.com/downloads/full-screen-player.sit
Price: US$12